Nueva Goya de freewave 2020 2021.

La nueva tabla de windsurf de Goya, One 3 Pro se ha convertido en una tabla progresiva de navegación Freewave.

Con más contornos paralelos, dibujo de tablas de surf modernas.

Manteniendo el concepto general de ser una tabla para Wave, Freestyle y Freeride.

The all new One 3 Pro has evolved into a progressive Freewave sailing board, with more parallel outlines, drawing from modern surfboards, while maintaining the overarching concept of being one board for Wave, Freestyle and Freeride.

The new parallel outlines improve agility and comfort on longer, choppy runs, while the resulting added tail area improves stability, early planing and comfort. All sizes now come with a swallow tail. A slightly lower entry rocker allows the board to naturally glide into a plane. The volume in the new One 3 Pro is more equally distributed along the board’s profile, to create a more stable and evenly planing hull. Incorporating a shallower V and double concave into its bottom shape increases acceleration and planing surface. All sizes are now available with Mini Tuttle side fins and Power Box center fin, for their lightness, simplicity of use, and effective compatibility with larger fins sizes.

Tabla de windsurf Goya One Freewave Thurster

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